Our services

Iran Madar provides following services to different customers by companies experts and specialists in the field of instrumentation and fluid automation equipment:

Do-it-yourself debugging services with modern equipment

The technical experts of IRAN Madar Company performes the debugging services for homogeneous (single-phase) liquids using the most accurate ultrasonic flow meters PF330 and PF220 made by Micronics UK with the capability to measure pipes from 13 to 5000 mm. All equipment used for this purpose has been calibrated in the advanced laboratory and calibration site of the company in Shiraz.

Performing calibration services for various types of flow meters in accordance with ISO 17025

Regular calibration of instrumentation tools in automation is very important. These equipment are subject to errors in measuring over time; hence they should be sent to calibrated laboratories for calibration. Instrument calibration is very precise and sensitive because the correct operation of this equipment directly influences the quality of the product or service provided.

Currently, We at our Shiraz Factory have the biggest calibration line for flow meters in West Asia and the Middle East.

Having ISO 17025 standard, this lab is practically the Biggest calibration reference line for flow meters in the country.

Carry out maintenance, maintenance and service of equipment tools

With the aim of avoiding the cost of exhausting new equipment (PM) as well as repairing defective equipment, Iran Madar maintains all of the after-sales services and spare parts for the products provided, with the availability of standard equipment. Most of the companies selling foreign equipment in the country are commercial companies; therefore, in the event of a failure, these equipment will, in the best of cases, send the faulty device to the manufacturer for repair. This process, in addition to being very time-consuming, is often not cost-effective either. Over the past few years, numerous electromagnetic flow meters from prominent global firms such as Progetti, George Fischer, Krohne, E + H, ABB and Euromag have been orchestrated, diagnosed, repaired and calibrated by Iran Madar experts in Shiraz factory.

Contracts for monitoring and periodic maintenance (annual) Equipment for instrumentation and automation of liquids

Continuous monitoring and maintenance of precision equipment such as flow meter, altimeter, barometer and ... is one of the key points in exploiting these systems. In particular, the Magnet Flow meter, as a precision measuring device, is always exposed to a variety of damage caused by installation in severe or inappropriate environmental conditions, which is why it requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Establishing an annual monitoring and maintenance system is a major factor in increasing the efficiency of the Magab flow meter. In order to increase the efficiency of the instrumentation equipment, the company is ready to sign contracts for the monitoring, maintenance and calibration of the equipment of its customers.