Electromagnetic flow meters for pipes using the Faraday electromagnetic induction law and measuring the voltage created by the current flow velocity can measure the flow rate with extreme precision.

Electromagnetic flowmeters for large pipes up to 1400 mm make it possible to measure the velocity in water supply and transmission projects, dams, petrochemicals, steel industries, power plants, etc.

Calibration Lab Knowledge Base Iran Circuit is the only laboratory with ISO 17025 certification from NACI, Middle East and West Asia that is authorized to issue a valid calibration certificate.

Measuring the velocity and height of fluid for open channels are used in: parchal flume, doppler type and radar type for multiphase or problematic fluids. For clean liquids, our transit method is used in pipes.

In these flow meters, by installing "ultrasonic transducer transmitter" on the pipe, the velocity and amount of liquid flow signal passing through the transmitter and receiver are measured.

With Intelligent electromagnetic flow meter, one is able to record and transmit all events and information related to the process of water during specified periods of time.

A variety of ultrasonic altimeters (for water and chemical reservoirs), radar altimeters (for tanks, cement silos, etc.) and hydrostatic altimeters (reservoirs, dams, deep wells and semi-deep).

Pressure transducer is one of the most used instrumentation equipment in controlling and monitoring industrial process  to control pressure and as a transducer, the amount of fluid level.