About Iran Madar Company

Iran Madar Co. (IMC) is an independent private owned company formed in 1983 in Shiraz, a historical city south of Iran. The goal was design, manufacture & supply of measuring & control equipment in water industry in both closed pipes & open channels such as Flow meters Pressure & Level Transmitters etc. Our main product is electromagnetic Flow meter MagAb which is from 12.5 up to 1400 mm. We also supply ultrasonic Flow meters from Flow-tronic, Belgium and Micronics, UK. In 1990, besides manufacturing, the company started to take part in different control and automation projects in the country. Nowadays IMC is producer of some different measuring & control equipment in water industry. IMC also has established electronic control automation and Telemetry systems in many dams, power plants, supply water for cities & industries, water sewage treatment plants etc all over Iran. IMC has solutions for measuring & control process of many Liquids.